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The directory allows you to look up information about other members. Only active members appear in and have access to the directory. You can control what information is visible to others in the directory (via your Profile). Your privacy choices apply to both the online and printed versions of the directory.


Your profile allows you to modify information about yourself. This includes your personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, names, postal mail preferences and which family members are "bundled" into your membership. It also allows you to control what information about you is listed in the directory and what types of emails you receive from the GLA. Finally your profile is where you manage and renew your membership and pay your dues online.


You can view and register for GLA events. Events include a variety of items such as Proxy Voting for the annual meeting, the Discovery Boat, and even Becoming a Glen Lake Guardian.


Donations allows you to give a gift to the GLA in memory or honor of a particular person, or a gift for a particular cause such as Swimmers Itch Control, or a general gift to the Endowment Fund or Watershed Protection Fund. Note that normal dues are paid under your profile, not via donations, even though both types of gifts are tax deductible.

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